Body and Head

Children live in their body.
They bicycle and skateboard and rollerblade.
They play Tag and Hide-and-Seek and Hopscotch
and Ring-Around-A-Rosy and Baseball and Football.
Children run and jump and stumble and fall and cry and run again.
They laugh and chatter and shout and giggle
and interrupt and seldom seem to listen.
Children only stop from exhaustion
or when exhausted grownups force them.

Grownups live in their head.
Some bicycle and rollerblade and jog,
slower and s-l-o-w-e-r.
The bowl and golf
and sit and smoke and drink
and read and watch TV–a lot
and sometimes think.
Grownups rarely cry and don’t laugh like they did.
The chatter and shout
and interrupt and seldom listen.
Grownups stop easily.
They would like to live in their body but it’s tired,
worn-out from once belonging to a child.

Hey . . . God

Shortly after high school I left The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).  Over the past couple of decades I’ve compiled a laundry list of questions and issues convincing me Joseph Smith Jr.’s story and church are bogus.  Following is my take on why and how he adopted polygamy.  Intereated in details?  Check out Doctrine and Covenants Section 132.


Hey . . . God

From Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, to Moses from a burning bush and Saul on the road to Damascus, God spoke to His chosen.  Basically ignorant regarding scripture and theology, I can’t say how often the Old-timers “saw” the Big Guy “in the flesh”.  In the early nineteenth century; however an upstate New York farm boy, Joseph Smith Jr., struck up a face-to-face acquaintance with not only Angels and Jesus Christ but God Almighty Himself.  As recounted in The Church of Latter Day Saints canon, (Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price) Joseph and God seem to have chatted frequently on a first-name basis.

Joseph: Hey . . . God.
God: ‘sup Joe?
J.: I been thinkin’.
G.: I know.
J.: In the Old Testament Solomon was your prophet, right?
G.: Okay?
J.:  Now, I’m Your Man.
G.: Go on.
J.: And Solomon, he had all those wives, whose conkiebines.
G.: You want to fornicate.
J.: No, well, I mean  .  .  .
G.: I see you eyeing the sweeties.  You want to fornicate, Joe.
J.: Hey it’s a big job down here, deliverin’ Your word.  It ain’t easy.     People criticizing,      threatening.  It’s a lonely job.
G.: I hear ya Joe.  I was there.  You’d feel less alone if  you had  .  .  .    companionship.  Hopping in bed with one of My maidens now and then would ease the stress.
J.: Right!
G.: Go ahead Joe.  Fornicate all you want.
J.: Gosh thanks  .  .  .  But there’s a problem.
G.: Emma.
J.: Yeah Emma.
G.: You tell little Emma keep her bloomers on.  This is a man thing.
J.: Right!
G.: You, and the Brethren too, you can fornicate with, oh something like say ten virgins, and not sin.  Call it My “everlasting covenant.”  Break it you’re sunk!  That’ll keep the wives quiet.  Write it up Joe.  Tell ’em I said so.
J.: Thanks God, thanks a lot!
G.: Anytime Joe.


I wish you would praise me.  I wish you’d say I’m wise and wonderful, even when I’m not.  I want to believe I’m okay but I’m afraid.  I’m not sure.  I need to hear it from you.  Without your assurance an irrational passion compels me to earn your approval.

Do you see how hard I work, the indecency I endure?  I’m an entertainer, promiscuous, a prostitute.  Bisexual, indiscriminate, nymphomaniac.  To feel loved I’ll sleep with anyone—well almost anyone.  Accept insult, abuse whatever it takes.  I don’t whimper or protest.  I love my work!

You have reason to be puzzled, amused, annoyed.  When I play the four-year-old vamp in Mama’s dress; pull stupid stunts like a fifth-grade boy; trip over my feet like a Keystone Kop; beat up on myself like the Three Stooges, how bewildering I must seem

Beneath the acts and disguises I’m fragile as a butterfly and exquisitely cautious.  If you ignore or scorn me I’m crushed.  So I play the whore, the clown, the fool.  I humor you, make you laugh.  I seduce, trick, beg, and bribe you.

Confusing, irrational, silly as I seem, I strive for your approval the only ways I know.  Please understand–while I rarely do–with all my incorrigible antics, with all my strength, with all my heart, I work to earn your approval.  Because it’s absolutely essential!

Eight decades down the trail I remember what I knew before I “grew up,” before I learned to fear.  Relationship, love is all that matters.

I apologize.  You can’t know how I feel—or do you?

Men of Curage Explained

I put my last blog post on Facebook.  I’m saddened that on reading it a friend unfriended me.  Let me explain.

Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandella, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Colin Kaepernick are individuals with the courage to speak up, to challenge an Institution.  Getting Great Britain out of his country Gandhi nearly staved himself to death.  Taking on  prejudice and racism in South Africa Mandella spent decades in prison.  Importing Gandhi’s philosophy and Mandella’s cause to America, King paid the ultimate price.  Putting career, wealth and fame on the line at age 29, Kaepernick picked up Mandella’s and King’s torch during our National Anthem.  It is significant that Kaepernick chose not a raised fist but a bended knee, a respectful supplication for redress of grievance, an exercise of Freedom of Speech under the Constitution of the United States of America.

If you know or guess who my unfriended friend is, please pass this on with my assurance I still love the guy and consider him, even if politically challenged, a friend.